June 8, 2013. Anddddd 80 likes later… @amanda_kaylene blew up my notifications! Yeahhh she really likes me! :) lol

July 8, 2013. Let distance be another reason to love harder than any couple should. <3

July 7, 2013. Last nights outing! Went to ojos to watch the fight, the library and then neon to danceee! :) had a lot of funnnnn! :) @amanda_kaylene

July 7, 2013. Last Wednesday! We went to go see despicable me! Andddd stocked up on candy before we got there! ;) @amanda_kaylene

June 7, 2013. This was 4th of July! :) @amanda_kaylene #4thofjuly

July 7, 2013. Me and my boo thang last week when we went to cowboys for the first time! It was okay but I was amazed by how everyone was dancing! @amanda_kaylene

July 1, 2013. My love and I at the rangers game a few weeks ago! :) #rangers #iloveyou #mylove

June 30, 2013. I had no idea this is what was going on! Amanda made me breakfast! Ah I am so excited! Yeahhh she knows the way to my heart! <3 lol @amanda_kaylene

June 28, 2013. With God nothing is impossible. Luke 1:37 <3

June 28, 2013. My love and I! :) Thank God we got to see each other! <3 it was so good being in his arms again! :)